Filing a Claim for a Personal Injury in Walker, MN After a Dog Attack

In Minnesota, pet owners face civil lawsuits when they fail to maintain control over their dogs. These circumstances can lead to serious injuries and violations of personal injury laws. Pet owners may face more serious liabilities based on the nature of their animal. The following is information about filing a claim for a personal injury in Walker, MN after a dog attack.

Treating the Injuries

The victim must acquire medical treatment for their injuries. The records produced from their medical treatment will serve as evidence in their personal injury case. The doctor will provide detailed information about their injuries including how severe they are and how they will affect them in the future. The doctor must also report the dog attack to the animal control officer.

Animal Control Requirements

The animal control officer must visit the residence of the pet owner. If they cannot get in immediate contact with the owner, a written notification is provided. The notification provides the pet owner with the officer’s conditions for surrendering the dog. In these case, the pet owner must present a record of all vaccinations for this dog.

Quarantine Periods for Dogs

The animal control officer will also require a quarantine period of the dog of, typically, twelve days. This provides a licensed vet the opportunity to assess the animal and determine if it exhibits any signs of rabies. They also determine if the dog has an aggressive temperament.

Opportunities for Strict Liabilities

Strict liability is available if the pet owner was involved in a previous case. If this dog was identified in additional attacks, the pet owner must provide the full cost of the victim’s injuries. They must also provide an award for any pain and suffering sustained by the victim.

In Minnesota, pet owners become the defendant in lawsuits if they don’t mitigate risks associated with their dogs. These risks include the potential risk of rabies transmission and serious personal injuries. Under legal circumstances in which a victim is injured, they can file a lawsuit against the pet owner. Victims who need to file a claim for a personal injury in Walker, MN can click here for more information now.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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