Why Subsea Early Production Systems are Important

Offshore growth in particularly deep waters has led to massive investments. Consequently, such prosperity has to be assessed as scrupulously as possible. Among the ways of reducing reservoir risks are the use subsea early production systems. Early production systems are economical to build, lessen the time to first oil reaching and offer an enhanced knowledge of the reservoir after a few years of production.

Commercial Production

From discovery to commercial production, time is among the primary fundamental aspects in realizing peak financial performance. Therefore, to be assured of quick production of new oil and gas discoveries, Early Production Facilities based on the needs are the solution.

There is a need to evaluate the need to have enough production to generate cash flow early, especially in subsea, there are no permanent production facilities that exist or from too small reservoirs for conventional services. In such scenarios, early production facilities (EPFs) give the much-required substitute.

Adapting to Requirements

When strategically employed, subsea early production systems have the capability of adapting to varying requirements as well as in taking care of complex logistical requirements.

Early Production Systems offer a lot of help to operator mainly in making new discoveries as well as rapidly working on existing brownfields on streams

Other benefits of EPSs include revenue production while still offering massive amounts of information gathered regarding reservoir size, production behavior, and complexity.

Effective Solutions

At Deep Down Inc. we provide subsea early production systems that provide perfect solutions majorly for temporary support. It is particularly when there are numerous infrastructures constraints. Deep Down’s patented first production systems present relatively standardized, robust, rapidly configurable and reliable systems for construction of hydraulic. Our systems have been correctly installed using traditional I-Tubes and also clamping onto on hand risers, therefore, allowing for diverse solutions to installations of any other control system installation. Such modern technology provides a safer environment in the subsea oil fields and gas industry.

Allow our team at Deep Down Inc., to give you more information about our subsea early production system technology and how it can benefit your operations. We are committed to providing you with the solutions you need for success.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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