A Family Lawyer in Lancaster County Can Help Reduce the Stress and Inform You of Your Rights

Family law can involve divorces, child custody, and child support. The family law system usually involves a lot of emotions because it deals with matters that are close to many people’s hearts. Deciding how children will spend their time and parents being fearful of not having a relationship with them is very upsetting. Children are often upset over their parents not living together anymore, and dividing marital assets and debts can be a recipe for disaster without a caring family lawyer in Lancaster County to guide people through the process. Family lawyers can also help a victim of domestic violence obtain a protection from abuse order to deter any future incidents.

A divorce can be filed in Pennsylvania on a fault or no-fault basis. It’s much easier and less expensive to proceed with a no-fault divorce. In a fault-based divorce one partner must prove that one or both of the spouses committed:

  • Adultery
  • Abandonment without reasonable cause for more than a year
  • Imprisonment for more than two years
  • Cruel and barbarous treatment including domestic violence
  • Bigamy
  • A spouse made life unbearable
  • And other similar situations

Every divorce is very different in the circumstances that cause the breakdown of the marriage. Divorces can be contested or uncontested. Equitable distribution in Pennsylvania does not mean everything is split equally or 50/50. There are many factors the court takes into account when dividing marital assets and liabilities. Child support is usually assessed on the parent that makes more money and doesn’t have the children less of the time. Spousal support usually ends when a divorce is finalized and a property settlement and decree has been signed by the court. In certain circumstances, it can last beyond that time but in very limited situations. A family lawyer in Lancaster County can help give the right legal guidance about these situations so their client can make an educated decision about their situation.

When you find yourself in a family law situation, the law offices of Melissa R. Montgomery have years of experience helping people just like you. They understand this is a difficult time and will do everything they can to make the process flow as smooth as possible.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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