Does Tree Pruning in Arlington Really Make a Difference?

A neighbor was out yesterday afternoon pruning some of the trees along the back fence. As a new homeowner, the idea of Tree Pruning in Arlington has never come up before. Are there any real benefits to this type of tree care? Here are some points that the new owner should keep in mind.

Minimizing Risk of Branch Failure

One of the main advantages of Tree Pruning in Arlington is promoting healthy trees. When some types of trees are not pruned on a regular basis, the additional weight can cause problems for the branches. This in turn can lead to branches that crack or even break away completely. By trimming back the foliage, those branches will remain healthy.

Promoting Development of Fruit

For trees that produce fruits or nuts, pruning helps to make room for the remaining branches to make the best use of nutrients. Rather than having a crop of fruit that is not all that tasty, the properly pruned tree is more likely to product pieces of fruit that are firm and have just the right flavor.

Preventing Damage to the Home

When the trees are located close to the home, there is a greater risk of limbs coming down during a storm and damaging the roof. Choosing to keep the trees pruned will keep that risk to a minimum while still ensuring that the home receives plenty of shade.

Improving Curb Appeal

Along with benefiting the tree, pruning is the best way to shape the trees and enhance their appearance. Shaping the foliage makes the tree a part of the landscape rather than something that seems to have just landed there haphazardly. Since pruning does help to promote thicker foliage, this also means that the tree will not look so bare.

For homeowners who could use some help with pruning, contact the team at Cambridge Landscape today. They can come out and determine how much pruning is needed, and if there is any reason to do some additional work in the trees. When it is all said and done, the yards will look better and the trees will thrive. Browse our website to view our service photo gallery.

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