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Household pets are an integral part of many families. In fact, pets are frequently considered a member of the family and are cared for in a way that takes their health and comfort seriously. Because of this, it’s important for pet owners to find a health care provider that cares for animals the same way an owner would.

One of the most important services offered by all practices is the annual exam or wellness screening. This exam allows a veterinarian the opportunity to examine all the body systems of the animal, run tests to rule out common diseases, and to give the pet the appropriate vaccinations for its species, age, and lifestyle. A veterinarian can also counsel the family on any behavioral problems the animal may be experiencing.

In addition to routine visits, an Animal Clinic in Fort Wayne Indiana, also offers elective services such as spay and neuter as well as dentistry. Spaying or neutering pets is a great way to reduce the unwanted pet population in addition to controlling undesirable behaviors such as spraying, marking, or going into heat. As with humans, dentistry procedures for animals involve cleaning teeth, removing decayed teeth, and keeping the teeth healthy, which contributes to the overall good health of the pet.

Unfortunately, pet health is not always predictable and it is sometimes necessary for an animal to undergo a surgical procedure. Some of the non-elective procedures offered at the Dupont Veterinary Clinic include bladder stone removal, growth/tumor removal, c-sections for expectant animals, and exploratory surgery in addition to other surgeries that may be necessary. Orthopedic services are also available for animals that suffer from fractures, injuries, or problems resulting from advance age or problems associated with certain breeds.

Other treatments available in addition to surgery and preventive medicine include treatment for chronic ear problems, nutritional advice to keep pets the right weight while also receiving appropriate nutrients, microchip implantation so that the animal can be identified if it runs away, as well as cancer treatment. With so many services offered at an Animal Clinic Fort Wayne Indiana, there is no reason to delay treatment or defer on a preventive medicine exam.

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