Keep Your Home or Business Clean and Dry Using an Emergency Plumber in Memphis

Some of the most important systems in any home or business are the fresh water supply and the waste water output. The concept of plumbing has been around for a very long time, but it has always been a difficult facility to implement. Part of the problem stems from the need to keep the fresh water supply under constant pressure and ensure the water is delivered wherever it is needed. Water is supplied by a local municipality under high pressure. When your pipes tap into the supply the water pressure is reduced and typically runs about twenty to forty PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). Unfortunately, this constant water pressure will put a strain on the plumbing that could result in water leaks and an eventual call to an emergency plumber in Memphis.

Water leaks can occur in the oddest places and sometimes this will depend on the types of pipe in use. For instance, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) can cause problems when the material ages and cracks under pressure or when left exposed to extreme cold. Water pipes in walls or under floors can burst at temperatures below thirty two degrees Fahrenheit when exposed for extended amounts of time. Leaks can also occur whenever pipes rub against the insides of walls or other materials. This can happen whenever water pressure in the pipes change or if the pipes are improperly anchored. In some cases the leaks may have no visible signs to indicate there is a problem. When hidden leaks occur you will need a plumber skilled in acoustical leak detection.

Other problems that an emergency plumber can help with include clogged drains or slow moving sewer lines. Household drains will clog when food, hair or other foreign materials get stuck in the pipe traps. These traps are fairly easy to clean, but the pipes they are attached to can be damaged if you don’t know how to handle everything perfectly. Sewer clogs are often a tough repair job because the pipes are difficult to access. Most sewer clogs occur because the sewage lines are a low pressure system which allows the waste to sit and accumulate. To eliminate the problem the plumber will need to push through the clog with a pipe snake. If you have the need for an emergency plumber in Memphis be sure to select an expert like Drain Go Plumbing for your plumbing emergency.

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