Modern day auto repair means diagnostic equipment

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Automotive

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Trial and error is no longer acceptable when performing auto repair on modern, highly sophisticated cars. Today, auto repairing in Mount Vernon WA is performed by technicians who have ample experience in automobile diagnostics. There are a number of different diagnostics techniques that are in common use; computer testing, road tests, owner interviews and mechanical problem solving techniques.

Major defects in a car are usually found in one of three places; the engine, the drive train and electronics. Proper application of auto diagnostics means that the technician has to have a complete understanding of these three basic modules. Depending on the defect, the technician will use different diagnostic techniques.

Modern cars typically require computer diagnostics. Any of a number of different pieces of equipment is hooked to the vehicle and on-board software reads the results of the diagnostics. This tool interprets reports errors in the system and reports the results to the mechanic. Most mechanics who perform auto repairing in Mount Vernon WA have received considerable training in the use of on-board diagnostics and the associated software. The software runs on a portable computer or a notebook, all the detailed information is displayed for the benefit of the mechanic. The mechanic can modify the performance of the vehicle by making adjusts to it through the computer.

Like many things, the diagnostic software is not perfect nor is it fool proof. There are instances where the diagnostic tools will not interpret the fault with the car. When this happens the years of experience that many mechanics have comes into play, they have to revert to their ability to solve problems independently.
Although it is not thought of as a diagnostic tool, a road test most certainly is. When the vehicle owner brings his vehicle in to the mechanic and tells him that his car is making an odd noise, often the road test by the mechanic will uncover problems with tires, brakes or the exhaust system.

Older cars are not fitted with on-board computers for diagnostics. When the mechanic is called upon to repair these older vehicles he has to rely on his in depth knowledge of mechanics and his vehicle maintenance skills. Highly skilled mechanics are just as much at home working with older vehicles as they are with new cars with full computerized diagnostics.

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