Need a New roof? Installing Metal Roofing in Tacoma, WA is a Sound Decision

Residential homeowners are learning that metal roofing in Tacoma, WA can be a good option for them. Metal roofs have the longest life of any roofing material. Most are expected to last about 50 years. Environmentally-conscious homeowners like the fact that they are made from 95 percent recycled material. Of course the fact that they last so long means that no additional material will be used on the roof for many decades. Newer metal roofs are also made from metals that reflect the ultra-violet rays of the sun. These are the rays that create heat, so reflecting them keeps homes cooler in the summer.

Metal roofs are also fire-resistant. Therefore if the home is built in an area that is prone to forest fires this will add a layer of protection from sparks landing on the home. Despite their obvious advantages, some homeowners fear that living in a home with a metal roof will be very noisy. This isn’t the case. Metal roof shingles can be shaped to minimize the sound of water falling on them. If it’s not possible to shape the shingles in this manner, then special insulation can be placed between the roof and the shingle. In both cases listening to rain on a metal roof is no noisier than a traditional roof.

Homeowners that live in areas prone to strong winds will be relieved to know that there are metal roofs designed to resist strong winds as well as fires. There are many styles and colors to choose from. It is possible to have metal roofs that look like traditional country shakes, rustic shingles and even clay tiles. However the unlike traditional roofing materials, metal shakes will never rot, split, warp or get moldy. Very few visitors will look at the roof and know immediately that it’s a metal roof. They will just think that it’s a roof that’s maintained perfectly.

While metal roofs are easy to install, homeowners should make sure that their roofing contractor has been properly trained to install a metal roof and understands the best way to interlock the shingles, shakes or tiles. This ensures that the warranty will be honored for decades to come.

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