Roofing Companies Colorado Springs Can Provide Your Home With the Highest Impact Roofing and The Best Looking Roof

Whether you are reroofing or installing a new roof, you want a company that has a great reputation for its skill and knowledge of roofing materials. The Roofing Companies Colorado Springs install new roofs made of:

* Stone coated steel

* Asphalt,

* Dimensional shingles

* Impact rated shingles

* Dimensional shingles and Stone Coated shingles offer a traditional distinctive style with a classic look, and this shingle is reinforced with the strength of steel, and it has the long-life of steel. The colors provide a subtle natural shadow, which emphasizes the richness and detail of the roof. This shingle is pressure formed aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel. They also have an acrylic bonded stone chip finish. The purpose of the stone coating is to resist fading and UV penetration. Every neighbor will notice the distinct and gorgeous style of your new roof.

Asphalt shingles come in several degrees of thickness which form several styles. The Old World look is popular and it is made of several layers of asphalt. These shingles are described as Premium shingles and they are also laminated shingles, however, these products may look like natural slate or natural shake roofing shingles. Strip asphalt shingles are usually the lightest weight shingle on the market.

Impact rated shingles are made to conform to the characteristics of UL 2218. This spec grades the impact resistance of shingles from Level 1 to Level 4 with 4 being the highest level of impact resistance. Each of these shingles has proven it can stand up to the force of a two-inch steel ball dropped from twenty feet without cracking. They are made from asphalt with varying degrees of thickness. Roofing Companies Colorado Springs will be aware of these specs.

Total Home Roofing

In the geographic area of Colorado Springs, high quality and tough shingles are essential for the safety of the home. A two-inch diameter hail stone can wreak havoc with many shingle roofs, and that is why the American Society for Testing and Materials have developed specifications for about every roofing material and application. The roofing contractor should be able to discuss the standard applicable to your home and then the materials it proposes to install. Check with

An essential requirement Roofing Companies Colorado Springs is the environmentally correct disposal of shingles that have been removed. The yard must be cleaned up and searched for nails, as should the driveway.

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