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If you are building a new home or you’re considering updating the home you currently reside in, rain gutters are an important component that you should not forget. Rain gutters are channels that form part of the roof system whose job it is to collect rain from the roof and channel the moisture away from the foundation of the home. Allowing moisture to collect at the home’s foundation can cause erosion, leaks into your home or potential flooding, or a weakened foundation. This is why rain gutters are so important. They help prevent these issues from occurring by drawing water away from the home.

There are some potential issues with rain gutters that are important to avoid so that they can perform their function and prevent damage to your home.  If you are experiencing any of the following, you may be in the market for some gutter repairs in Indianapolis. The change in temperatures from hot to cold and back can cause the natural expansion and contraction of older rain gutter materials, which can, over time, lead to leaks where the gutters are fastened to the side of the roof. Water can leak out of the gaps rather than running down the gutters and down the rain chutes. Older gutters may get clogged easily with plant matter and leaves, especially during autumn when leaves are falling from the trees in preparation for the winter. Rain gutters cannot work effectively when they are clogged with organic matter or other foreign objects.

Luckily these two issues are relatively easy Gutter repairs in Indianapolis to remedy. Newer technology has allowed for the manufacture of seamless gutters that attach to the side of the roof, diminishing the chances of leaks and drips that older rain gutters are known for. They help prevent foundation damage to your home due to their seamless design, reducing the risk of water related damage to your home.

Another convenient innovation for gutter repairs in Indianapolis are leaf guards. Leaf guards are grates that fit over the top of your gutter, helping to prevent leaves and other foreign objects from falling into the gutter and obstructing the channels. They are a great way to help discourage wildlife from building nests in your rain gutters, as well, which can be a common problem for homeowners.

If you are in the market for gutter repairs in Indianapolis, call your local rain gutter specialist and get them out to your home to assess the problem. Finding a specialist who stands apart from the competition due to their customer service and craftsmanship can be the difference between continued water damage and the complete elimination of it. Gutter repairs in Indianapolis are just a phone call away!

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