Spotting Early Signs of Failure: When is it Time for Roof Repairs in Colorado Springs?

All roofs need replacement eventually, but deciding when can be difficult. If your roof is mostly in good shape, spot repairs may be appropriate, but if it’s over 20 years old or it’s wearing out, replacement may be a better option. To determine when it’s time for Roof Repairs Colorado Springs, you’ll need to learn how to spot the earliest signs of failure.

The Earliest Signs of a Leaking Roof

Checking your roof at least once per year will help you plan and budget for repairs. Look for rusty flashing, buckling shingles, and wear around skylights, pipes and chimneys. If you do your own inspection and find signs of trouble, we recommend that you hire a professional for a more detailed inspection.

When to Get Repairs

In an otherwise sound roof, leaks are easily repairable. Repair cost can vary widely depending on the extent of the leak. If unforeseen circumstances result in a leak, the repairs will probably be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. However, you should still do everything possible to keep the damage under control, including calling a professional as soon as possible.

The Cost of a New Roof

Starting from scratch usually costs approximately $3/sq. ft. for basic shingles, but you may be able to save by adding a layer of shingles for $2/sq. ft. If you’re planning to move in the foreseeable future, this may be a good way to economize-;but you should keep in mind that the second layer won’t last as long as a new roof.

Consider the Hidden Costs

When you’re shopping around for Roof Repairs Colorado Springs, don’t base your decision solely on total cost. The cheapest estimate may include a single layer of paper under the roofing, but a better estimate may include heavier paper and protection against ice dams. Once you decide on a roofer, find out whether they’re insured and licensed, and ask them how they’ll prevent damage to your landscaping. Try to schedule your roofing repairs during good weather if possible.

A new roof isn’t something you buy willingly, but its benefits justify the cost. Getting a new roof will allow you to incorporate eco-friendly features, and you may even be able to get tax credits. You can choose fire- or wind-resistant roofing, which can get you a significant homeowner’s insurance discount.

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