The Many Benefits of Metal Roofs in Middletown, DE

It seems that everyone from the homeowners to the real estate agents are looking for homes with better roofing systems. Outdated methods of roofing such as asphalt shingles are pretty much old school simply because they don’t provide long term durability. Asphalt is a pitch based product and as such it dries out over time. Likewise the materials used to seal these roofs can deteriorate as well. Thankfully, there are better ways to get the look your home deserves while ensuring a trouble free roof for many decades
Metal Roofs Middletown, DE can easily replace old style shingle, wood shake and even clay tile roofing styles.

Metal Roofs in Middletown, DE come in a variety of materials including bronze, copper, aluminum and steel with steel being the most commonly used, mass produced roof covering. Of course, the other metals tend to need no coatings because they don’t rust like steel or iron, however, they do oxidize to various degrees. This chemical reaction is what gives copper that beautiful green patina after it’s been in the weather for a while. Steel roofing on the other hand comes with a galvanized coating of zinc, aluminum and silicon in various mixtures depending on the manufacturer. Galvanized steel works well because the steel makes the roof durable while the galvanizing protects it and steel is cheaper than other metals.

Because of the way the galvanizing process works it will wear down over time, but because zinc and zinc/aluminum mixtures are more durable than steel this deterioration takes many decades. So long in fact that most Metal Roofs Middletown, DE materials have warranties of fifty years and some even have lifetime warranties. Even more benefits exist with metal roofs, for example, metal roofing tends to reflect the heat away from the building which reduces the cost of air conditioning.

Metal roofing provides benefits for more than just the homeowner. Metals are easily recycled which reduces the expense required to create the roofing materials, but it also reduces the strain on our environment by using materials we have already dug out of the ground. Plus the less asphalt roofing we remove the less ends up in the local landfill.

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