Tips on AC Repair and Maintenance

The best time to conduct AC repair is before the heat of summer. As summer approaches, air conditioning units are turned on day in and day out putting strain on the unit. Any overhauling, repair or regular maintenance should preferably be done before summer or just before you winterize the unit.

Reasons why home owners choose air conditioning maintenance:

  1. Regular maintenance of air conditioning units can prevent costly AC repair at a later date.

  2. Most manufacturers specify that their units undergo regular maintenance.

  3. Opting for scheduled maintenance ensures the AC unit performs to peak efficiency, resulting in reduced cooling bills, in the summer season.

  4. Increases the lifespan of your unit.

  5. Reduces the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.

  6. Prevents the occurrence of hazardous conditions in the AC unit, ductwork and electrical connections.


If you have an older unit that dates back 20 years or more, your AC unit can be much less fuel efficient than modern models available on the market. Modern hi tech models consume less fuel and are more environmentally friendly than older models. If your old air conditioner has broken down and requires extensive AC repair, installing a new model can be more cost-effective, as it is more fuel efficient and cheaper to run.

When installing a new unit, hiring a professional technician is always recommended. When it comes to air conditioning units, the adage “the bigger, the better” does not apply. The equipment should always be purchased and installed in accordance with the area that has to be cooled. Installing properly sized equipment results in reduced fuel consumption and less cooling bills, better cooling and enhanced performance of the cooling unit. Energy star rated air conditioners are fuel efficient and powerful cooling equipment for your home. All safety precautions are met by professionals that install air conditioners. These trained technicians will ensure that your unit runs efficiently and safely and creates minimal noise when operational. Ask for a full service warranty on work.

If your unit emits odd noises, smells of mildew, won’t start or cools inadequately, you might need AC repair or maintenance. If the fan runs and it doesn’t cool, or if the fan doesn’t run, there may be some problems with your unit. Another common problem is the repeated turning on and off of the AC unit. All of these common problems can be caused by inadequate maintenance or other mechanical issues. Calling in professionals can facilitate in prompt and effective AC repair. DC residents can find skilled air conditioning repair technicians in the area offering commercial and residential service.


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