Types of Bathroom Fixtures in Lawrence, KS

Whenever a homeowner decides to remodel their house, one of the main rooms they choose to change is the bathroom. People often feel more comfortable using a bathroom that is nicely decorated, as opposed to one that is old and outdated. The homeowners do not have to change the entire bathroom, however, but only a few bathroom fixtures. Bathroom Fixtures in Lawrence, KS come in many types.

Faucet for the Sink – Instead of changing out the entire sink, all the homeowner has to do is change the faucet. This one simple piece can make a huge difference in the way the sink looks. Instead of a typical faucet, it can be changed to an entirely different shape and color. It will provide a unique fixture that will make the sink stand out.

Faucet for the Tub – The same thing goes for the bathtub. An entire new tub is not needed. The homeowner can instead change out the faucet for something entirely different. If the original faucet was gold in color, it can now be changed to silver. If the knobs for the hot and cold water were previously small and round, they can now be changed to large and square.

Shower Head – Just like a new faucet can be added to the shower, so can a new shower head. There are many different types of shower heads out there. Some are smaller and some are bigger. Some even offer a specific type of water pressure that provide a massage. The homeowner can change the look of the shower head, and get huge benefit from it.

Towel Bar – Every bathroom contains a towel bar to hang up the wet towels when they are done being used. These are another fixture in the bathroom that can be changed. The bar is normally screwed into the wall. All the homeowner has to do is unscrew the original bar and screw in another one that they choose.

The entire bathroom does not have to be changed. There are no major remodeling choices that need to be made. Even just switching up a few of these bathroom fixtures can drastically improve the look of the room. Old, discolored fixtures can now be replaced with new, brightly painted ones. It will provide a whole new look for the same old bathroom. Kitchens and Baths by Briggs provides modern fixtures and accessories that customers can use to enhance the look of their bathroom easily.

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