What to Expect When Hiring an Electrician Service Indianapolis Professional

If you’ve never hired an electrician to do some work for you, it might be difficult to know what to expect. Different types of contractors work differently, so working with an electrician service Indianapolis professional might be different than working with a plumber or some other type of contract worker. Here are some things that you should expect when you hire an electrician to do some work for you.

Short Working Hours
If you have hired an electrician to do a job that is part of a larger job, don’t expect them to be there for several hours at a time. For instance, if you are remodeling one or more rooms in your home, there will be times when the electrician service Indianapolis professional will simply stop in for 20 or 30 minutes. That’s because they normally have to wait for the other contractors to get their job done before they can complete their part of the project. In some cases, they can only install an outlet or two and then have to wait for the next phase to be completed before they can do anything else. If your electrical professional is only on the jobsite for a short time each day, don’t assume they are slacking off. They are only doing what they are allowed to do at the time.

Written Estimates
With many contractors, you can get a written estimate for a project. However, that doesn’t mean the cost is going to be the same at the end of the job. There can be unforeseen circumstances and other problems that can add to the bottom line. But when you hire an electrician, they are generally able to spot potential problems before they begin the job. This means that their estimates are generally pretty accurate. Your electrician should provide clear descriptions of the job and the materials they will need to buy so you have a good idea of your out of pocket costs.

Pulling Permits
When you hire an electrician, you probably need a permit from your local jurisdiction to have the project completed. However, the electrician service Indianapolis professional should not ask you to get the permit. They should pull the permit themselves. If they insist that you do it, there is a chance that they aren’t properly licensed to do the job. You can call your local building department to find out if an electrician is licensed in your area if you have a suspicion that they don’t have the proper credentials.


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