Why Your Health Relies on an Annual Visit to the Eye Care Center in St Paul, MN

Even if you have never had a problem with your eyes and do not seem to need glasses, eye exams are still important. Everyone should have annual eye exams, just like the wellness visits they have with their primary care physician. It is recommended that even infants undergo a full exam to ensure they really have the healthy eyesight they need. Your eye care center in St Paul MN, wants everyone to realize there are a lot of reasons eye appointments are important for good health.

Young children benefit from eye exams because they are often unaware there is a problem with their eyesight. Since vision is so critical to learning, it is important they are able to see clearly. Not seeing correctly can cause delays in reading that make it hard for them to keep up with their classmates. Additionally, straining to see can cause headaches and make children miss out on school and other activities.

For adults, a lot of diseases can be discovered early during an annual eye appointment. Diseases of the eye, including cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration can often be controlled when found early. Many symptoms will not be noticeable without an eye appointment until the vision has begun to suffer. This will often be too late to reverse the damage and, possibly, too late to prevent future damage as well.

But, it is not just eye diseases that can be spotted during an eye exam. Health conditions like some cancers, high blood pressure, and diabetes are often spotted first during an eye exam. This early discovery can save a life. Today it is possible for an eye exam to even spot problems like arthritis and high cholesterol, making these exams an informative, painless, and affordable way to gauge your overall health.

Obviously, an eye exam will not replace the care of a primary care physician, but it is a very important component of your health care routine. Plan to schedule an annual exam at the Eye Care Center in St Paul MN, for yourself and every member of your family. Early detection of vision loss and health conditions can save lives, so schedule an appointment today.

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