A Bedroom in Waldorf

Waldorf, MD is principally known as a ‘bedroom community’ whereby it is close enough to larger cities like Washington D.C. for people who work there to commute. In other countries it would be called a ‘commuter town’ or similar. Waldorf is also very close to the Andrews Air Force Base, but the local Waldorf jobs tend to be focused on the sales and service industries. Waldorf is famous locally for its shopping center-the St. Charles Towne Center-the two-level mall which opened in 1988 and remodeled to change with building fashions in 2007.

A Little History

Waldorf started its life as a station town on a rural crossroads, around 1850. Its original name was Beantown, named after a local family. However, the General Assembly of Maryland, in 1880, changed the name to Waldorf to honor William Waldorf Astor, who was the great grandson of John Jacob Astor. J.J. Astor had been born in Germany, in a place called Walldorf. In a tribute to the town of Waldorf, MD, a city in Minnesota-Plumb Valley-changed its own name to Waldorf on 29th July 1908.

After the legalization of slot machines, Waldorf-originally a tobacco village-became a famous gambling destination, during the 1950’s. It caused a boom in the town, which lasted right through to 1968, when gambling was outlawed once again.

Because Waldorf is such a quiet community it is ideal for assisted living in Waldorf, MD recuperation, retirement and convalescence. Many people retire to town nearby to Waldorf because of its locality and connections to the larger cities when needed. It is also important for those recuperating to have fresh air, solitude and the right help and treatment. Therefore, one would naturally gravitate toward assisted living in Waldorf, MD, to get the proper care and attention they need. Those who have spent some time in hospital may need a quiet place to recover from a serious operation, a mental or physical condition or other illness. Those who need round-the-clock care can also find the ideal place they need in order to live a happy and fulfilled life, under the care of professional nursing staff and medical technicians. Those who are able can stroll around and relax and those that cannot can be taken on visits and shown some of the sights.

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