A Disability Lawyer in Aurora, Illinois Helps You Understand Permanent Disability

     Disability is a crippling ailment that often impairs a person’s ability to return to work ever. If you are in such a predicament, you need to talk to a lawyer who specializes in disability assistance. Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, LTD is a law firm in the Chicago area dealing with disabilities and social security income issues. They provide a disability lawyer in Aurora, Illinois who will take you through the step by step process of filing and obtaining your disability. They want to help you understand what it means legally to be permanently disabled.

People do not want to be labeled as crippled, handicapped or as one of those who can’t help themselves. It lowers their self-esteem, but the term disabled for the purposes of social security law differs than what many people think. However, it is important that you understand this term and are able to articulate it to the satisfaction of your doctors and other members of your healthcare team. Social Security disability defines “permanent disability” as being unable to sustain a job for a year or more due to disabling conditions. Some conditions, such as a spinal injury, may give doctors the opportunity to predict with medical accuracy the assurance of a debilitating condition that will last well past the required time to qualify.

In any case, if your doctor and/or healthcare team agree that your condition meets the disability requirements of Social Security Disability, then you have a case to present, and obtaining a competent attorney to help you get compensated is the next step. Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, LTD, with the main office in Des Plaines, Illinois has the team equipped to serve your needs for a social security disability representative. The law firm has been helping people secure their social security disability benefits for over fifty years. Limiting their practice in this area of the law, they have put together a package of knowledge aimed at getting you the best representation for you to get approved for your social security disability benefits. For a disability lawyer in Aurora, Illinois and the surrounding areas, contact Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, LTD at one of their various locations or visit their website, http://www.rabinsslaw.com.

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