After Your Claim For Social Security Denied Dallas TX Should You Call An Attorney?

When it comes to a complicated government process the advice of an attorney can be invaluable. In the case of a claim for social security denied dallas tx an attorney can help you decide what your next steps are. By offering you their expertise, an attorney can help you save time in refilling your case.

If you are denied on your Social Security Disability benefit claim you should request appeal post haste. You have a 60 day deadline to file this appeal. If you do not get the appeal filed by the deadline, you will start the claims process over which can cost you additional financial hardship. Many claimants that receive an initial denial do not appeal. They either give up on the process or do not meet the deadline. Some people even misunderstand the instructions and file an all new claim. Many studies have shown that the best chance of winning a claim and being awarded benefits comes from the appeals process of a Social Security disability claim. Keep in mind that if you miss the appeals deadline and you do not meet a reason for an exception, you will need to start over and file a new claim.

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As many as 65% of initial Social Security disability claims are denied on the initial filing. The first appeal has an even hire denial rate, topping 80%. The first step when your initial case is denied is to find out why. Consider hiring an attorney that specializes in disability claims if you have not already done so at this point. An attorney will have expertise in the terminology and processes of filing a Social Security disability claim and can help you so that your case proceeds more smoothly. IF you receive notice that your claim for S social security denied dallas tx look for the reason that the claim was denied. There should be an explanation of the denial to include a description of your medical condition and the impairments that the examiner reviewed. They should also list the documentation they considered such as your medical records. An attorney can review these reasons and help you to pinpoint areas where you might re-file and be more successful such as a wording or documentation issue that you missed.

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