Debunking Myths About Tattoo Parlors In Miami

There are a lot of different people that would love to get a tattoo, that secretly long for tattoo, but that have fears about going to tattoo parlors in Miami because of untruths they have been told about the industry.

The fact is that tattoo shops, just like medical offices, mechanics, dentists or lawyers can be very professional and well run or they can be substandard and poor quality. For those looking for a tattoo the good news is that it is immediately evident when you step into a poorly run or poorly maintained tattoo shop which allows you to just leave and find a top parlor to handle your tattoo request.

The myths about tattoo parlors in Miami that are holding you back can easily be debunked or exposed just by doing a bit of research and asking questions of the professionals providing the service.

Myth: Tattoo Equipment Isn’t Clean

The facts are that top professionals that offer tattooing from a professional shop in the city of Miami or the state of Florida are bound by state developed sanitary standards. These ensure that all equipment is correctly sanitized and sterilized between uses and that the entire premise meets all licensing requirements.

This sterilization of equipment uses autoclaves, which is the same system used in any hospital, medical care facility or dental office.

Myth: Anyone Can Tattoo

Anyone working as a tattoo artists in the tattoo parlors in Miami has to have a license issued by the state of Florida. This includes completing an application for a license as well as successful completion of the education courses required by the state.

In addition all professions that are licensed have to past the courses with a minimum score of 70% to obtain and maintain their license. These courses include training on blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases as well as correct handling of biohazard waste material as per state guidelines.

The reality is that top tattoo parlors in Miami are well run businesses that care about their clients safety and health. Getting a tattoo at these facilities is a true experience and shouldn’t be clouded by misunderstanding and myths.

If you have any questions about our state of the art facilities at Salvation Tattoo Lounge give us a call today. We are always happy to show you around and schedule your appointment.

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