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For a job seeker it makes a lot of sense to maximize his potential in order to obtain the job that he thinks it is fit for his skills. However, with the inherent limitations of networking and with so many unknown possibilities, Executive Staffing Firms can add another dimension to an employment search. Their work will always depend completely on the demand and supply of the marketplace and this will eventually affect their ability of recommending companies with professionals that are very much qualified for their various vacant positions.


Executive Staffing Firms make the connection between a company that is looking for new employees and the employees themselves. While both the employee and the understaffed company benefit from this, at the end of the day it seems that only the employee will pay for this service. There are different types of searches and many types of agencies, which mean that each of them will demand a different fee. In retained searches, clients will pay agencies a part of the total fee up front and as a result, the agency will have exclusive rights to fill the position in a position, which has been previously agreed upon mutually.

Types of Agencies

There are many kinds of agencies and some of them include temporary employment agencies and Executive Staffing Firms. While some agencies will deal with retained searches exclusively and be very proud of their ability to deliver, others will perform a mix of retained and contingent searches.

Careers Served

Almost any profession that demands a college education will have at least one or more Executive Staffing Firms working on its behalf. Graphic artists, accountants, dentists, doctors, nurses, financial analysts, lawyers and actuaries are just a few of the professions that recruiters can serve. Those who will consider these types of agencies will thus be able to find a job much easier than considering looking for that job on their own.

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