Gift A Monogramed Baby Blanket For That Personal Touch

Giving a baby blanket as a shower or welcome home gift for a newborn or an infant is a wonderful thing to do. New parents will appreciate your thoughtful choice of gifts and it is sure to be something that the family can use immediately.

By choosing a baby blanket wisely you can even start a family tradition with an heirloom blanket. One way to ensure that your baby blanket will be treasured for years to come is to have it monogramed to completely make it a personalized and one of  kind gift option.

Monogram Options

Monogramed baby blankets have traditionally featured the initials of the child. This could include the first middle and last initial or perhaps just a first initial. The choice of fonts can make these traditional monograms, which are typically inside the center area of the blanket, really stand out.

You can choose from an elegant and classic type of font that is sure to be loved by grandparents and parents alike, or you can choose a more child friendly font that is whimsical and fanciful. Both are wonderful options and, with your choice of blanket colors, designs and font styles and colors, you can create just the look that you want.

Full Names

While not traditionally monogramed baby blankets in the truest sense of the word, having the child’s name on the blanket either as part of the design or blocked to the center or top of the blanket, is a great keepsake item.

Different styles for sports to animals and from fun patterns to favorite childhood images all make great additions to the overall look of the baby blanket. To add even more personalization you can also include the baby’s birthdate on the blanket in a way that makes it truly a one of a kind gift item.

Cute blankets that can be used both as a decorative blanket across a crib, chair or even a stroller as well as a warm and snuggle option on a cold day are always appreciated by the family. You can select colors that will match the nursery or the home or, if you want, just include your own favorite colors, designs, themes and styles.

Giving monogramed baby blankets can take a much needed gift and make it just that much more memorable. These are sure to be well used when the child is young and continue to be a keepsake item that will be passed down to generations yet to come.

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