Keep Your Home or Business Cool Using Air Conditioning Systems in Muskegon

Air Conditioning Systems in Muskegon are some of the most important appliances you can have installed. Consider the large office building with its hundreds of visitors. The AC or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system serves the purpose of cooling the building as well as keeping a constant airflow throughout all the spaces. This is important because the more people in a building the higher the ambient temperature rises. Plus, all the colognes, perfumes and soaps that people use can make the air a bit unbreathable.

Commercial grade air conditioners are huge systems designed to move a lot of refrigerants. Home based systems and units for smaller businesses have lower specifications because they are used in smaller spaces. The most common air conditioner is a split system where the condenser is located outside of the building and the evaporator coil is indoors. An alternative to this method of treating air is the split or ductless AC. This device also places the condenser outdoors, but it has multiple outlets inside the building placed in various areas. A ductless unit can provide variable temperature levels inside your home or office making comfort control extremely easy. This can be quite useful when you have a lot electronics or other heat generating equipment and need to cool some spaces more than others.

One of the most important functions when operating an HVAC is maintenance. Regular maintenance can keep your AC running for many years while ignoring the system could result in an unexpected replacement. One aspect of this maintenance is cleaning. HVAC systems have dust filters that collect dirt and lint from the air. However, these filter systems can’t catch all the dust particles floating around. When excess dirt makes it past the filter, it interacts with the moisture that occurs naturally on the evaporator coil. The result is a sort of mud that dries between the fins of the coil. This gunk can block airflow and even cause the coil to freeze. A frozen coil can rupture and release the refrigerant which would leave the AC trying to run with no lubricant in the condenser. If you are considering the purchase or repair of Air Conditioning Systems in Muskegon.

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