Living With a Car Enthusiast: The Good and the Bad

If your significant other is a car person you know exactly how things go. Where do you find your spouse? Out in the garage of course. How many cars do you have right now? You are not sure, maybe 4, but you should go out and count because it may be 5 now. Many jokes can be made at your expense, but there are some great things about it. Of course, there are also some points of frustration when living with a car enthusiast.

The Good

It is great that they have found a passion. It adds spice to life, and it is lovely to see someone you care about get so much joy out of something. In many cases, garage time for them means time for yourself as well. It is important for healthy relationships that each person engages in their own hobbies, and this certainly qualifies. Plus, getting a wonderful sounding air intake in your own car at half the cost when they did it for you is pretty neat too.

The Bad

Garage widow is the term coined for someone married to a car enthusiast. While time apart can be healthy, sometime car enthusiasts take things a little too far. There are also times where a problem really should be seen by a professional shop. When you are at the shop, while staff roll up your bill on their auto repair point of sale software, you may end up getting the look. This is the look of pity, they know your spouse tried to fix it, they also know that they made it worse. It is not a secret, and they see it pretty regularly; some jobs just need specialized skills or tools the enthusiast just won’t have. Finding someone who shares your pain can be bonding experience, so it isn’t all bad.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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