Preparing Your Home for the Installation of Casement Windows in San Diego, CA

Casement Windows are windows pre-installed into their frames. These window sashes are attached to the window frame by one or more hinges. Putting these movable structures in your home allow you have increase the aesthetic value of your home while allowing you to ventilate your home easily. If you will be having a window installer put these windows in your home, it’s advisable to prepare the work areas so the workers can concentrate on the task at hand.

A Casement Window Contractor in San Diego, CA usually meets his workers at work-sites. If you don’t know how many technicians will be in your home, allow for 3 or 4. Have ample parking space by clearing your drive-way and area in front of your curb. The workers will also need a clear path into your home.

Remove toys, cars, and other assets that can hinder the movement of the contractor or his workers. If you have small children or pets, let the worker know so they can be extra cautious with their tools and equipment. Be prepared for excess noise. You can be away from your home during this time so this won’t bother you.

Installing Casement Windows requires installing an entire frame. Ask the contractor is this will be a one-day or multi-day job. If the job will last for more than one day, you will need to protect your home. Make sure all opening are covered. If the window contractor will be taking out the old windows, have him install the new ones right away. If he has to do additional work, have him work on the windows in the back of your home so the work won’t be visible to people out front.

Since installing windows can mean hammering and sawing, remove mirrors, pictures, and other wall hangings from the walls. Vibrations from work being done can make items fall and break. Cover furniture near the window to keep it from getting covered in dust.

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