Private Parma Food and Wine Tours

Parma is a city in northern Italy in the Emilia-Romagna region. It is famous for its architecture, music, prosciutto, and cheese. Parma wines are popular among the foodie crowd.

The city of Parma is charming all year round and is one of the best places to sample authentic Italian cuisine. Parma is the birthplace of prosciutto di Parma and Parmesan cheese. However, Parma is so much more than food and cheese.

The beautiful city is perfect to get away from everything. Visitors can walk through the historic town where restaurants entice visitors to stop by and sample their food and wine. Visitors who really want to get the vibe of Parma should embark on a Parma food and wine private tour.

Parma Wines

Among the hills of Parma grows the fragrant Malvasia di Candia in which the Malvasia di Colli di Parma wine is made. It is considered the queen of Parma wines. It is considered a dessert wine that is fragrant, with low alcohol content. This wine is great for vegetable dishes and fruity desserts.

Another grape, the Malvasia di Candia, grows at elevations lower than 400 meters. These grapes produce another fragrant dessert wine which is perfect for first courses of lamb or tortelli and chives or to serve with Parma salamis.

Lambrusco grapes produce the excellent, award-winning wine of Parma called Lambrusco Marcello Gran Cru.

A Parma food and wine private tour will not disappoint you. Parma is a one-stop destination for food, wine, architecture, history, and culture. Visitors to the region cannot go wrong with a Parma food and wine private tour.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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