Scar Treatment in St. Paul, MN – What You Have To Know

by | Dec 28, 2013 | Health

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Puberty is one of the most dramatic periods an individual undergoes in his/her life. It is the period when people try to discover themselves as well as develop their own individual personality. Combating acne issues is a very important aspect of this period. In several instances, acne diminishes with age; however, there are some individuals who are left with permanent scars. These scars can be very unsightly and may be difficult to get rid of. If you are looking for the finest acne scar treatment, read on for some important facts as well as remedies for knotty acne scarring.

When acne goes away, a dark spot is produced on the skin. The dark spot is usually caused as a result of natural body repair, and should fade away within a year. However, if the problem persists during that period, you might have acne scaring and will require scar treatment in St. Paul, MN. Even though acne scarring might feel and look permanent, there are three major options for eliminating scar tissue many years after its formation. One of the options is laser resurfacing, a technique that removes the top skin layer and tightens the middle layer at the same time. This procedure helps to make the skin smoother, and typically takes three to ten days for skin to heal.

The second option for scar treatment in St. Paul, MN is dermabrasion procedure, which involves a surgeon utilizing a high speed rotating brush to remove the upper layer of skin. Usually, it takes ten days to three weeks for skin to heal completely. The last option is fractional laser therapy, which involves using a laser to penetrate the skin’s inner layer without causing any harm to the upper skin layer. The procedure makes the skin smoother, and healing time is only a few days.

While you may utilize topical acne medications, or get prescribed therapies, being mild to your skin is the best method to avoid scar tissue caused by acne. It might be tempting to scrub off zits or pop pimples; however, this might cause inflammation by deepening bacteria and oil into your skin. Washing your skin two times daily using a mild cleanser is an excellent option. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes which could trap in sweat and dirt; also women should utilize oil-free makeup, in order not to block pores.


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