Surprisingly Common Reasons for Emergency Vet Trips in Millersville

Surprisingly Common Reasons for Emergency Vet Trips in Millersville

Many Millersville pet owners love their animals as if they were their own children, and never want to see them suffer. Sometimes, however, in spite of our best efforts, unforeseen incidents occur and our beloved animals require emergency care. Of the three most common reasons for emergency pet care, some are actually rather surprising. The top three pet emergencies are poisoning, allergic reactions, and bite wounds. Do you know of a reliable Vet Millersville, in the case that your pet needs emergency care for any of these potentially life-threatening situations?

Poisoning is the third most common type of pet emergency in Millersville and across the country. This in itself is not exactly surprising, although pets can be poisoned by some surprising things. Almost everyone knows not to give chocolate to a dog. However, did you know that xylitol, found in sugar free products such as chewing gum, is also poisonous to pets? Another very dangerous substance to keep out of reach of pets is rat and mouse poison. Though this is intended to get rid of small pests, it could seriously harm or even kill a large dog quite easily.

The second most common type of pet emergency is allergic reactions. As with poisoning, this is not initially surprising, but allergic reactions in pets can be caused by some seemingly innocuous incidents. Many pet owners know that vaccines can cause allergic reactions in animals, but this is actually a rare occurrence. Pets are more likely to suffer allergic reactions from insect bites, with surprisingly severe consequences. Beyond the usual flea and tick bites, dogs may also be bitten by ants or spiders. They may be stung by bees, wasps, or hornets. It’s particularly dangerous if your pet is bitten or stung on the face. Soreness, swelling, difficulty breathing, or even anaphylactic reactions can occur.

A bite wound from another animal is the most common reason for an emergency vet trip. This is surprising, as many people might guess a hit-and-run or other type of accident. A fight with another pet might lead to a seemingly simple wound that can cause a serious infection. A bite wound is especially life-threatening if located in the chest or abdominal cavity. Fortunately, if you have a trusted emergency Veterinarian Millersville, you can rest a bit easier knowing a skilled professional will help you quickly in the event that your pet needs urgent care.

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