The Importance of Asbestos Removal During a Demolition in Hertfordshire

With the continual advancement of our society, it is quite common for newer buildings to replace existing structures. Not only are these buildings more cost efficient and stronger, but materials such as asbestos are guaranteed not to be present. Still, the process of a demolition in Hertfordshire is not as simple as knocking a building down with a wrecking ball or through the use of flashy explosives. On the contrary, it is a science and an art form. Although the end result may indeed be spectacular, the planning stages involved are just as important, if not more so. Removing any dangerous materials such as asbestos beforehand is therefore a critical step that is never overlooked.

Assessing a Structure

The first step in any demolition in Hertfordshire is to examine the building itself. This includes identifying load-bearing walls as well as determining how much of the building needs to be physically brought down (beginning at the top) for the demolition to progress safely. In addition to assessing the structure itself, the nearby areas need to be address. Is the building in an area that is considered high traffic? Are the structures nearby at any risk during the project? Just as importantly, are there any materials contained within that pose a risk to the workers or the general public? These are only three of the numerous metrics that must be kept in mind constantly.

Removal of Asbestos

In older buildings, it is likely that asbestos will be present. This material has been used for well over two hundred years in insulation, flooring tiles, textiles and roofing materials (to name but a few uses). So, it stands to reason that trained detection and assessment teams need to be sent in to proactively detect and remove such substances before the demolition can fully begin. An area may be cordoned off from the rest of the building during this examination. Specially designed vacuums can also be employed to effectively suck up the asbestos without releasing particulate matter into the air. For the safety of the public, it is obvious that this asbestos or any asbestos-containing materials need to be fully removed before the building is destroyed.

So, professional asbestos removal teams will be used to expedite this process safely and efficiently. As now two buildings are ever alike, the type of removals will likewise vary from site to site. Only after this critical step is completed can the actual demolition in Hertfordshire fully commence.

There may be other questions in regards to any such demolition in Hertfordshire. We are happy to help and we can be reached at website if any concerns arise or to begin the assessment process.

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