Used Box Trucks Can Make an Affordable RV or Mobile Tiny House

In this age of tiny houses and van life, used box trucks are in high demand. For anyone who is handy with tools and has a vision, a used box truck is an ideal blank slate for mobile living. Used box trucks for sale in Texas can be purchased cheaply, and with some creativity and a lot of work, can be transformed into a motorhome. You could even keep the look of a delivery truck and create the ultimate stealth camper.

Start by sketching out a floor plan and incorporate the existing doors into your plan. Plan where the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and dining area will be.

The plumbing system may well be the trickiest part to install; ideally, you’ll need a freshwater tank as well as gray water and black water tank. The gray water tank will store your wastewater from the shower and sinks, and the black tank stores the waste from the toilet. You’ll also need a fill inlet for the freshwater and RV sewer parts to dump the gray and black tanks at a dump station.

You’ll also need to consider the electrical system; the large roof on a used box truck for sale in Texas has plenty of room for solar panels. You’ll not only need the solar panels, but also a charge controller and a power inverter.

Finally, you’ll need to build in cabinets and furniture that’s secured to the walls and floor. Remember, your rolling tiny home will be rocking and rolling as you proudly travel down the road.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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