Various Types of Dental Procedures for Good Oral Health

Preventative dental care is essential if you want to avoid dental problems that will be painful and expensive to repair. Unfortunately we don’t always realize that dental problems are present until the damage has already been done. A toothache is generally the first sign that there are issues with one or more teeth. If people do not practice good oral hygiene, then they will most likely develop cavities that will hurt and cause serious damage long-term if the problem is not corrected before the tooth becomes too bad. A dental cavity occurs when plaque builds up on the surface of the tooth. The plaque can also build up along the gum line, making the tooth weak and sensitive. If this issue is left untreated, then you could suffer everything from gum disease to infection and restorative work if the tooth is neglected to the point that it needs to be extracted. There are several ways that your dentist can repair damaged teeth.

Fillings and Crowns

A filling is commonly used for smaller cavities. All decay is removed from the tooth, and then the filling is placed inside of it to keep it protected. This is the most common type of treatment for decayed teeth, but it can only be used if the problems are detected before the tooth becomes too severely damaged.
A crown is typically what is used if there is more decay than what a simple filling can resolve. During this procedure the decay will be removed just as with a filling, but the tooth is ground down far enough that the crown can fit over the whole tooth that is affected. Crowns are made of porcelain, and they closely resemble the look of natural teeth.


If the tooth is too far gone to be repaired, then an extraction may be required. This is often the case if severe chips, fractures, and decay is present. This is especially the case if the jaw or gum is damaged, as there is no foundation for the tooth to be repaired. There are many dentists in Gilbertsville, PA that can perform the above procedures, so you should research them thoroughly to find one that you will feel comfortable seeing on a regular basis.

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