What are the causes of carpet odor?

There are many things which contribute to carpet odor; some very common issues are pet urine, ground in food, soil, mold and mildew. Not only are these odors an embarrassment for the homeowner they can simply becoming overpowering if something is not done about it. In most cases professional carpet cleaning in Stillwater can tackle the problem but it can reach the point where even carpet cleaners cannot help and the carpet and under-padding will have to be torn up and replaced.

Perhaps the most difficult odor to eliminate is that caused by mildew. Mildew quickly develops if the carpet is subjected to water such as a flood. The odor is similar to that of moldy fabric and this type of odor requires a very heavy cleaning and then the carpet must be left to thoroughly dry. In many cases once a carpet becomes moldy or mildewed the only solution is to replace it.

Another common cause of carpet odor can be attributed to pets. The odor can come from their hair, urine and dirt that come in on the coat and feet. There are a number of carpet cleaners that can effectively eliminate pet odors but it is important that the area be cleaned immediately should the cause be urine.

Tobacco smoke is another leading cause of carpet odor. Tobacco smoke has a way of permeating everything; clothing, walls, draperies and of course, carpet. Although the odor from tobacco smoke can be very offensive it can be eliminated with many commercial cleaning products.

If a carpet is soiled from motor oil and dirt the room will quickly take on the small of petroleum. This is a difficult smell to eliminate and getting dirty motor oil out of the carpet is also extremely difficult if not impossible. When a carpet is in this condition it is best to replace it.

Carpet which has been down for a long time can naturally begin to smell foul. This smell is caused by the fibers of the carpet break down and begins to deteriorate. Carpet cleaning in Stillwater is usually not possible or practical and old carpet which begins to smell is a candidate for replacement. Old carpet not only smells; it often can be the source of dust which leads to allergies.

Beer and other products containing alcohol can quickly cause an area to begin smelling like a hospital. This can be difficult to eliminate but steam cleaning will eliminate the stain and rid the area of long term odor problems.

If you walk into your home or office and smell any unpleasant odor there is a good chance it is coming from the carpet. You are invited to have your carpet cleaning in Stillwater done by the best; Steamatic of the Twin Cities.


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