Why is it so Difficult to Weld Cast Metal?

When you contact a metal fabrication shop, you may wonder if they can provide services to weld cast steel or aluminum. There are a few reasons why their answer is likely going to be “no.” Some of the reasons why this isn’t possible can be found here.


The main reason that welding cast steel or cast aluminum in a metal fabrication shop is a bad idea is due to impurities. Castings are known for being quite porous and when they are heated, the pores that are created during the forming process will begin to bubble up and reduce the integrity of the entire piece. The bad news is, impurities are extremely difficult to predict and can come from virtually anywhere. There are some factors, such as the humidity that is present in the metal fabrication shop, or the lubricants that are used by the fabricator that can play a significant role in the number of impurities and pores in a piece.


These get their names from being cast. This actually means that the metal was initially in a different shape or form. A cast can cause issues with re-heating and heating. There are some parts of the cast that are going to heat up faster than others based on how thin or thick they are. As the different parts of the case get hot, the chances that the metal will crack are also much higher.


It is possible to weld cast aluminum and cast steel; however, it requires extremely close attention to detail and the fabricator needs to follow certain steps. One of the most important steps in this entire process is preheating. If this isn’t done, then serious issues may occur.

If you need welding services from a metal fabrication shop for cast steel or cast aluminum, you may find it isn’t possible. The main reasons why are found here.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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