Air Con Explained To Sussex

While many use air con in Sussex, families rarely think about how it came into fashion or how it works. Originally mechanical air con was created to protect paper but quickly gained popularity in other areas of use. Despite the technological advances it has seen over the last century the concept is still the same. Today, air con is used just about anywhere people live or work or climate-sensitive items are stored.


Long before a mechanical air con was invented people have stayed cool during hot weather using ice. Many times a fan moved cold air created by ice around a room. While the ice did cool the air it did not remove the humidity. Modern air conditioners not only cool the air but remove humidity which allows the body to cool down. The very first air conditioning unit was created in a printing press in the United States to decrease the papers’ tendency to stretch when heat and humidity was present. The first patent for this technology was granted in 1906.

Modern Air Con in Sussex

Much like the original air con system, modern Sussex units work by removing humidity from the air and circulating cool air. Today, there are two types of air conditioning units available – window units and central air conditioning. Window units have been around for a long time and are portable which make them convenient. Their cooling capabilities are limited, however, due to their size making them efficient for one or two rooms but not an entire building. Central units are great for homes or buildings but can be costly if the building is not insulated properly as the cold air will quickly escape. Modern buildings are built with central air conditioning in mind, though, and are very efficient.

Air Con in Sussex and the Uses

Most people think only about the residential benefits of air con Sussex. The truth is, however, that there are many other Sussex businesses that rely on air con. Most retail shops and restaurants depend on it to keep customers comfortable. Without air con manufacturing factories and plants would put their employees at risk or overheating. There are also many items produced or stored that require a constant climate control. Without air con these products would be destroyed or severely damaged.

Many people enjoy stepping into an air conditioned building on a hot summer’s day but never think about amazing, yet simple, the concept of air conditioning is. Most people take for granted the ability to cool down during hot weather. Air conditioning has been around in one form or another for centuries but it was not until the invention of the first mechanical unit did it become a luxury almost everyone can afford. Thanks to modern advances in building design and the air con, Sussex families can enjoy their summers indoors at a constant, cool temperature.

Air con Sussex is a wonderful invention used in homes, businesses and storage facilities alike. For those in Sussex needing air con questions answered approach AAC Southern Ltd.

Air con Sussex

Air con Sussex

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