How to take care of pets

Pets play an important role in our lives as our companions especially when we are lonely and as we age as they help in preventing the feelings of loneliness and isolation. Pets are great objectives for affection as they amuse us, make us laugh, improve our moral and help fighting against apathy and indifference. They can also help in avoiding times of depressions as the pet owner gets busy to take care of his or her pet than only of himself and his own problems. They provide comfort and solace in times of stress. The elderly can increase their physical activity by playing with their pets, feeding them and going on a walk with them. Pets also provide a sense of safety to persons living alone, especially in case of dogs, as their barking can keep unwelcome visitors away. Hence, it is important to ensure that you take out the time and patience to care for your pet.


Pets are big responsibilities and so it is important to take proper care of them. Dogs as pets need more attention than any other kinds of pets since they are more emotional. You must give your dog a bath at least once a week to keep ticks and fleas at bay. In case you have puppies, you need to feed them three to four times a day, while older dogs can be fed once or twice a day. Dogs eat any kind of meat, grains, fruits and vegetables. However you must avoid giving them sweets as its is not good for their health. Dogs need to drink water every day to remain hydrated the entire day. Dogs with long fur require to be combed and brushed often. Dogs also need exercises more than other pets to help maintain proper weight and to prevent and control arthritis in Dogs.


Cats are more independent than digs and do not require much attention. They do not need much exercises as they have very flexible bodies and can easily jump and move around much faster than other pets. It is not required to give them baths often unless they get dirty or have fleas. However, like dogs, cats with long fur need to be groomed or brushed often. Cats also eat all kinds kind of meat, grains, fruits and vegetables and need to drink water every day..


Birds as pets are relatively easy to take care of. You bird cage should be large enough so that the bird can fully extend it’s wings. It is important to clean and disinfect your bird’s cage every day. Your bird’s cage must be kept in a quite room as birds are very sensitive to noise, smoke and too much activity. Birds like to have a constant timetable, hence you need to feed your bird at the same time every day. You can give you bird a high quality seed mixture that is made especially for different types of birds.


In case of fish as pets, its is crucial to keep the fish tank and the water in your fish tank clean as the health of your fish depends on the water they live in. This can be done by scrubbing the sides of the fish tank to remove algae and using a filter like mechanical, chemical and biological filters to keep your tank clean. You must also change the water of your fish tank every week to get rid of dirt, chemicals or substances that might harm your fish.

Take care of pets

Take care of pets

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