Antique Rug Restoration in Manhattan and The Rug You Won at the Estate Sale

Did you find your antique rug at an estate sale? Many people go to estate sales to look for treasures. So, chances are high that you had your paddle up constantly in order to win your rug. Perhaps, it was the colors in the rug that caught your eye. Next, you were impressed with the overall design, and you knew it would look amazing under your glass coffee table. There is no question that it is truly something to be excited about. However, you also know that there is signs of some damage that you will need to take care of. For this reason, it is best to use the right antique rug restoration in Manhattan shop.

You may have spent several thousands of dollars to get your rug. Further, you know that a rug of this stature needs to be taken care of by the right craftsman. You will be pleased to know that you will find the right craftsman by visiting The Golden Horn. A skilled craftsman will take care of any issue you have by hand. Thus, you will be assured that your investment is the right professional.

Are you wondering about the dyes? Do not fear. The professionals use natural dyes. The dyes are made from plants and minerals. Further, the wool is spun by hand. This means that you do not have to worry about any factory-made material going into your rug. Because you are going to use the best professionals in the business, your results will be second to none. In fact, you will be thrilled that you went to the right shop to have the work completed.

There is no question that you understand the value of the rug that you just purchased. You love it for its high-quality, history and workmanship. Thought it has some flaws, they will be fixed. Further, you will take your carpet to the professionals today. Next, you will be excited to display your rug in your home. When you get compliments on it, tell your friends and family about the workmanship that went into restoring it. They will be excited to hear about the antique rug restoration in Manhattan.

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