Three Steps Involved in Designing Your Own Rug

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Rugs

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When it comes to furnishing your home, you have many options. The seemingly endless furnishing choices are why you should consider narrowing them down by theme, color, or style. Once you have a focus, you can furnish your place accordingly. It is a good idea to start with the big pieces. Then, add the details. One detail that adds to the flooring and emphasizes the overall theme is a rug. The rug selections are seemingly endless, too, and sometimes, it can feel like the perfect one is elusive. For those moments, a designers rug center in Seattle, WA is at your disposal.

Here are three steps involved in having professionals design your rug.

Pick Out Your Design

With your home’s interior design theme in mind, think about what you are trying to accomplish with every detail you add. The design of your rug should contribute to your goal. Patterns, solid colors, or a combination of both are some of your options. Maybe your home is already filled with solid colors. A patterned accent on the floor might add the artistic touch that brings the entire theme together. Plus, when you design your own rug, you truly add your own personal flavor.

Pick Out Your Colors

Once you have decided if you are going with a pattern, solid color, or a mix of both, you will be asked to pick out the colors. You can pick one or more than one. You can also pick a color scheme that gives a fade effect to show off your favorite color as it fades down one shade at a time in an artistic manner.

Pick Out Your Size

Last, a designers’ rug center in Seattle, WA, will ask you to pick the size. So, arrive at the consultation with your measurements ready for the team.

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