Contemporary Waterbeds are Better than Their Predecessors

When you think of a waterbed, what may spring to mind is a bulky and risky mattress filled with tons of water that is a pain to climb onto and that can potentially leak and cause water damage in your home. Huge wooden frames containing immense loads of water in seemingly constant movement went out of style a couple of decades ago. Texans said they would prefer to try to sleep on the electronic bull down at the local bar to trying to navigate the night on old-fashioned waterbeds, unwieldy monstrosities of sleep that have you waking up in the morning feeling seasick. However, the antique and outdated model should not be confused with contemporary soft side waterbeds, which Houston, TX residents claim is the bed sleeping surface you can imagine.

One of the main differences between the old and new is visceral. Soft side waterbeds in Houston, TX look like regular beds, but allow individuals to sleep on them without feeling the pinpricks of pressure that strains the body even on the best soft-foam mattresses. Moreover, they come in various sizes to fit individual needs – king, queen, twin and full. Rather than imposing themselves into your bedroom and taking up extra space, they fit in well with any kind of bedroom décor, just like a normal bed. The real difference, of course, cuts through appearance because unlike a conventional bed, you cannot get a healthier and more restful night of sleep like you can on soft side waterbeds. Houston retailers report a rapid flow of inventory as new, better designs increase in popularity.

Old school beds were heavy and hard to move. Contemporary waterbeds, however, are about sixty percent lighter than their predecessors, making them easy to move for cleaning or relocation. This also makes set up and takedown a far easier process.

Another upside to modern soft side waterbeds, available in Houston, TX, is that they come with dual mattress bladders so you and your partner can experience your own levels of comfort. If you find more motion restful, freeflow beds are available for soft side beds as well as hard side. Less motion, you can decrease disturbance with a waveless or superwaveless bladder.

An additional feature that makes soft side waterbeds unique is that they are puncture resistant in a way that old, outdated hard side waterbeds were not. They come with strong and durable covers that are nicely padded, as well as zippered tops that are easily removable. Dogs, cats, kids and other possible threats are safe around contemporary models.

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