How To Get The Adoption Process Started With An Attorney In Northern Virginia

Adopting a child is an exciting time for any family, but also one filled with anxiety and confusion. There’s so much to take into consideration and so many forms to be filled out, it only makes sense to have a qualified Adoption Northern Virginia attorney on your side to make the process go smoothly.

When you know for certain you’re going to be adopting, contact an attorney. Find out ahead of time what the attorney will be charging and how their fees are structured so that you can work this into your budget. Know that some Adoption Northern Virginia attorneys dedicate their entire practice to the handling of family law and adoption cases while others only handle a few cases every year or two. Be sure to talk to the attorney you’re considering and find out how many cases they handle each year dealing with adoptions and ask for references. Then, be sure to follow up on those references.

If you’re considering a foreign adoption, a family adoption situation or same-sex partnership adoption, or another situation requiring special circumstances, make sure your attorney has ample successful experience handling adoptions of this nature. Ask plenty of questions and be satisfied with the answers you receive. Make sure you receive all the paperwork required at the end of the adoption you should, including the correct birth certificate reflecting your baby’s new name with you and your spouse’s names as parents and social security cards with the baby’s legal name change and number.

Adoption attorneys can also be a big help in step-family situations. In many cases step parents wish to adopt the children of their spouse when the biological parent has passed away or no longer has contact with the child. A knowledgeable attorney can help put the wheels in motion to make the family unit official.

If you’re looking for a Northern Virginia attorney to help you with your adoption questions, the law firm of Goldenberg & Phillips in Tysons Corner, VA can schedule a legal consultation to discuss your adoption questions and concerns. They offer years of experience in private adoptions and step-parent adoptions and can answer any questions you may have on how to begin the process.


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