Do Not Delay Raccoon Removal in Reynoldsburg

Raccoons are adorable, but they are also wild animals. People should never feed or otherwise encourage these pests to come into their yard or home. Most homeowners realize this the moment their dog or cat is threatened, or the raccoon begins to cause trouble. Raccoon removal in Reynoldsburg is something that only a professional should attempt, and they need to be called before a problem develops.

Protect Domestic Animals

The popularity of backyard chicken coops may be partly to blame for an increase in raccoon populations in many areas. A single raccoon can decimate a coop in a very short period. This is a financial loss for the owners, but it is also a heartbreaking scenario for people who view their chickens as family pets. Dogs and cats often ignore or avoid raccoons, but any sign of aggression from a domestic pet could lead to a battle.

Save the Garden

Fruit trees, berries and vegetable gardens are all impossible for a raccoon to resist. The furry creatures are hearty eaters and are not particularly fussy about what they consume. They also have no qualms about the damage they leave behind. As a smart, dexterous and industrious creature, they can bypass nearly any garden fence.

Avoid Disease Exposure

It is no surprise that an animal living in the wild would frequently have an infestation of parasites like roundworms and fleas. Knowing that roundworms frequently lead to serious infections in humans and dogs should be enough to discourage people from hand-feeding the animals. An even bigger risk is the potential of the animal to carry parvovirus or rabies. Raccoons are one of the most common carriers of rabies in the United States with nearly 30 percent of all reports of wild animals with the disease involving the creature.

Raccoon removal in Reynoldsburg should begin as soon as one animal is seen making repeated stops. The animal is searching for a food source and a potential nesting area. If successful, it could become an encouragement to others to test out the yard. Visit Wildlife Control Company to learn more about the fast and easy methods of raccoon removal.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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