Hiring a Granite Countertop Contractor in Saint Louis- Factors to Consider

There are many factors that you must consider before hiring a granite countertop contractor in Saint Louis. Installing granite countertops in your kitchen is a great idea. Compared to ordinary marble, granite offers a number of benefits. Not only does it look distinctive and unique as compared to marble, but also it is also availagranite countertop contractor in Saint Louisble in a number of different patterns, colors, and textures. You can find granite in colors that can complement any décor. Whether you want a slightly neutral outlook or want to go with brighter colors, you can find granite in any shade.

However, hiring a granite countertop contractor is not easy. Since granite is more expensive as compared to marble, you need to be sure that you buy the right design. Remember, every slab of granite is different. The patterns and textures vary from one slab to another. Whether you want to install granite for a cabinet flooring or finish, you need to work with a professional contractor. Here are certain factors to consider before you hire a granite countertop contractor:

Check Their Portfolio

Countertop contractors usually sell a variety of different materials apart from granite. You can get marble, soapstone, and other natural stones. Some are cut directly from the excavation site while others are made artificially. However, granite is purely natural. When you visit a countertop contractor, ask them for a portfolio.

They will show you all of the different stones in their inventory, and will also showcase their previous work. The portfolio is important because it will highlight the professionalism in the contractor’s work. Look at the edges of the countertops. Do you see the glue protruding from the side? Is there a gap between the counter and the granite slab? These are just some of the factors that you must consider.

The Price

Different contractors charge different prices for their services. Granite is generally sold per square foot. Prices start from $20 and can go as high as $40. Depending upon the size of your kitchen, the prices vary. Most contractors schedule installation well in advance. Special adhesives are used in order to fix the marble slabs in place. Before signing an agreement, call the contractor to your home. Show them around the kitchen and let them decide how much granite is needed.

Remodeling your kitchen is not an easy job by any means. Don’t spend too much money on the granite countertops. If you know anybody who recently got their kitchen remodeled, ask them for references. You may even get discounts if you purchase granite in a larger quantity. Make sure you keep all these factors in mind when you approach a contractor.

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