How to Choose the Perfect Menthol Electronic Cigarette

Choosing the best menthol electronic cigarette can be an exacting process. However, if you know what to look for, you can streamline the process altogether. Read below to learn about what to look for in a menthol e-cig, as well as the benefits of using one.

What to Look for in a Menthol E-cig

Before you purchase a menthol electronic cigarette, there are a few quality guidelines that you should pay attention to. The first is the origin of the product itself. Always ensure that it is manufactured in an FDA registered facility for safety purposes. Also, determine if the formulas themselves have been approved by the FDA.

There are various e-cig grades available on the market. While some consumers select food-grade e-cigs, others prefer a higher grade than this. For example, you may opt for kosher grade ingredients to suit your lifestyle choices if applicable.

The presence of glycerin should also steer your purchase decision. This is because this substance often accounts for peanut allergies.

You can even trace the origin of your menthol e-cig ingredients by simply reviewing the lot number. If you are especially selective about the e-cigs you purchase, review the operation standards, and determine if your methyl e-cig is diacetyl-free.

Menthol E-cig Benefits

Mt Baker Vapor menthol cigarettes can offer you an icy, realistic, minty experience. As you inhale the vapor of a cooling menthol e-cig, you’re transported to an ethereal realm of peppermint and spearmint. You can simulate a menthol, cigarette smoking experience with each puff of vapor.

Aside from its flavor benefits, menthol e cigs are known to reduce the harsh side effects associated with smoking. Furthermore, many menthol vapors use very little nicotine. You can actually customize the nicotine quantity you consume by selecting your e-liquid accordingly. Whenever you purchase an e-liquid for your menthol e-cig, you choose the nicotine concentration that best appeals to you and your tastes.

When you compare the cost of menthol cigarettes to menthol e-cigs, you actually end up saving a tremendous about of money. Generally speaking, the cost of a high quality cigarette ranges from $7-$12, whereas you can reuse and recharge your e-cig for an extensive amount of time.

Your e-cig, unlike a traditional cigarette, will not exude an offensive odor. Just as you can customize the nicotine level of your methyl e-cig, you can select the flavor as well.

Of course, you cannot ignore the social benefits of using a menthol cig. You will no longer offend the people around with any harsh, smoky odors. Instead, people will detect a light, minty, pleasant vapor in the midst.

If you are interested in purchasing a quality, menthol electronic cigarette, then browse Mt Baker Vapor products online.

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