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Most Americans today watch some kind of entertainment television on a regular basis. Nearly 99% of homes in the United States possess at least one television set with an average of 2 sets per residence. More than half of these people pay for cable services and an even larger number subscribe to monthly or annual streaming services. As such, home entertainment is an important aspect of life and leisure for the American people.

What We Watch

With many options available for entertainment services, it seems that everyone has their own way of enjoying the home theater. Some prefer traditional cable services, others only watch their local broadcast channels and even more use online-based streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu. These services – as well as reasonable movie purchase prices for both DVD and Blu-ray discs – allow customers who enjoy content on-demand to make the most out of their television.

How We Watch It

With home entertainment being such a popular aspect of décor and design, there are American companies that specialize in customizing home theater systems to meet the individual needs of their clients. Some of these custom options include:

  • Lighting design for the entertainment or living rooms
  • Sound system design and installation, including options for surround sound
  • Screen, sound and setup design optimized for gaming
  • Safety additions for families with young children
  • Installation, setup and education for the customer about their new equipment
  • Equipment to fit every room, family and budget

With so many custom options, it’s simple to find the setup that will bring a customer’s favorite entertainment to life. Whether they’re an avid gamer, television binge-watcher, movie buff or even a casual channel surfer, there is a home theater to fit their specific entertainment needs and personal preferences.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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