Learning the 4Cs of Diamond Buying Los Angeles

Diamonds are considered to be one of the most precious stones. A fantasy of many people is diamond buying Los Angeles. Diamonds are the first choice of gems for engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. You will never be out of style with diamonds as they are timeless. However, you have to be careful when diamond in Los Angeles. It pays to learn about the 4Cs involved in diamond buying Los Angles.

The first thing to examine when buying diamonds is carat. Carat is the total diamond weight measured in points. A carat is commonly equal to 100 points. The cost of the diamond reflects the carats. A bigger diamond will obviously cost more. However, a piece that consists of multiple diamonds equaling the weight of one carat will be priced less.

Another of the 4Cs to know when diamond buying Los Angeles is cut. There are two aspects to consider here: the quality and shape. Quality and shape impact the brilliance of the diamond. Common shapes are oval, teardrop, heart, and princess. Round diamonds are the shape most likely to bring out brilliance, or the ability to reflect light. An excellent quality diamond will feature facets positioned to do this. Be mindful of gems cut to hold a greater carat weight because it can decrease brilliance.

Clarity is another of the 4Cs of diamond buying Los Angeles. Clarity is determining how many flaws a diamond has. The clarity can influence brilliance. These flaws are often called inclusions. Examples of inclusions may be black dots or small cracks. Clarity is based on several rankings. FL means the diamond is completely flawless and IF means internal inclusions.

The final of the 4Cs is color. Some colors are known as fancy diamonds. Colors are graded on an alphabetic scale from D to Z with a D grade meaning the rarest. The white diamonds should be as clear as possible. If you plan to buy a diamond with no color, it is advised to stay with the D-J range.

Knowing the 4 Cs will help make your diamond buying Los Angeles go smoother. Don’t get frustrated since it takes time gaining experience. Pretty soon, you will develop a keen eye for the right diamonds.

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