A Dentist in Honolulu Helps All Family Members Have Healthy Mouths

People need to see a dentist regularly from the time that their first tooth breaks through, because good dental health keeps the rest of their body healthy. A dentist Honolulu can work with families to make sure that every family member has a healthy mouth. This will minimize the chance of any dental emergencies and help keep the person from experiencing the pain of a toothache. Dentists recommend that patients have dental checkups every six months. This gives a dental hygienist the chance to clean the teeth and gums. Then the dentist can review the health of the patient’s mouth. He can also recommend age appropriate treatments.

Young children will be given Fluoride treatments to keep their teeth strong and help prevent cavities. Baby teeth are important and need to be treated well. This ensures that the jaw will develop properly and that adult teeth will have the space that they need. As pre-teens get their molars, these will be treated with a sealant. This procedure fills tiny cracks that are prone to harbor bacteria and become cavities. When children receive these preventative treatments, it’s not unusual for them to grow up without have a single cavity.

Today’s older Americans did not have many of these preventative dental treatments available as children, so they developed cavities. As the decades progressed, these cavities weakened their teeth and many had to be pulled out. Unfortunately, that can meant that the dentist Honolulu professional has to tell them that all of their teeth need to come out. Patients may fear that ill-fitting dentures will slip when they try to eat or talk. Their dentist can reassure them that today’s dentures are much more attractive and that they fit much better.

Dental implants are part of the reason that new denture wearers feel so much more confident. After the teeth are removed and the gums have healed. Dental implants are screwed into the jaw at several locations. Instead of placing crowns on the implant, posts with small metal balls are attached. When the dentures are made, they have small metal slots that fit the balls perfectly. The patient just snaps the two together for a secure fit. The dentures are still taken out each night to be cleaned.

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