Signs of bad property management in Sacramento

More often than not, investors in income property hire a professional property management in Sacramento to oversee the day-by-day affairs of their property.  Seasoned property owners may have had to find an excellent team of property managers the hard way.  Even in the best of owner/management relationships, there will be minor problems, but in many cases, these are simple glitches that work themselves out.  However, there are certain signs that indicate it is time to replace the property manager.  For investors, here are a few things to look for:

Complaints from tenants: 
If tenant complaints are landing on your desk and not the desk of the manager, something is wrong.  The idea of hiring property managers is for them to manage the property, not you.  When a property manager is not performing well, and his reticence has a negative impact on the tenants, who in turn trigger complaints to you, then a quick fix is necessary.  Good property managers make sure the owner is kept out of the loop.

Visible lack of maintenance:
The property manager is paid to keep the property filled with responsible tenants, keep the property well-maintained, and attend to all repairs.  If, when you visit the property, it looks tacky and run down, it is fair to say that the management company is not monitoring the property.  At worst, they are simply pocketing the fee without having any intention of performing their job.

No call backs:
Although you have hired a company to provide property management in Sacramento to attend to all aspects of your property, there are times when you want to communicate.  This is of genuine importance when you are being chased by tenants who feel they are not getting the service needed from the management company.  If you call, get the run-around from a staff member, and never have your phone call returned, this indicates a major problem.  You have hired the company to act as your proxy that includes prompt response to your calls and other forms of communication.

Late reports:
Poor communications and late financial/operational reports are definite signs of a poor manager.  If it is unintentional, then poor organization is the likely cause.  If it is intentional, you could be having a portion of your rental income stolen from you.  Late reports create a major problem for the owner and may lead to fines for tax violations, including incorrect financials and missing data.

Cash-flow problems:
This is a red flag.  Good property management services stick to a strict schedule of collecting rents, paying the local bills, and getting the balance to the owner.  If cash-flow problems emerge, this may mean the manager is dipping into your funds to temporarily pay his own bills.

Honesty and integrity are two of the key elements that bind a company, providing property management in Sacramento and the owner.  The best management company, with years of dedicated service to their clients is Real Property Management – Sac Metro.  Call them today at 916-452-5000 and avoid any problems before they start.

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