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Often times health insurance policies have deductibles or co-payments, supplemental health insurance in Freeport IL is a policy that is designed to cover these gaps in the basic policy. Additional expenses that are not covered by the primary policy will be covered by the supplemental policy; these expenses may be lost wages and living expenses. The bracket of the population that should consider supplemental health insurance are the self employed, people with large families, those on Medicare and people who are not financially positioned to handle a large medical bill.

Supplemental health insurance in Freeport IL has a number of cash benefits

* Lower cost as a result of lower benefit amounts

* Offset lost income

* In many cases it will cover pre-existing conditions

As Medicare does not cover long term health care, nursing homes, prescription drugs or at home care; people who have Medicare can benefit greatly from a supplemental policy. Many older people maintain long term care insurance along with a Medicare supplement. Although this option is not cheap, it can be as much as $4,000 a year; it does provide the senior with financial security.

There are a host of insurance companies that offer supplemental health plans, the options are extremely varied. Most provide a cash benefit when the policy holder is out of work due to injury or illness or any of a number of reasons.

An often used plan is a hospital indemnity plan. This plan provides cash benefits for whatever services were selected, including extended hospital confinement and outpatient services. There are also plans that offer a fixed cash sum for preventative services. There are plans for those who may have cancer in the family and they are justifiably concerned, these plans pay for cancer treatments and all related expenses. There are supplemental plans that pay a fixed lump sum to those suffering from a critical condition such as a massive heart attack, stroke or open heart surgery.

There is little doubt that those without sufficient insurance in Freeport IL can be financially wiped out in the event of an unexpected disability. Disability income protection acts as the buffer in the event of a disablement, it pays a fixed monthly amount which helps pay the bills until the policy holder is ready to return to work.

Medicare advantage, Medicare prescription drugs plan and major medical plans are available for Medicare insurance in Freeport IL. Visit for more information.

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