What is involved in chimney repair in Worthington OH?

When chimneys are built, they are built to last for years with nothing required other than a periodic cleaning. Eventually, as the structure ages, chimney repair in Worthington OH will eventually be required for some reason. A chimney is not a complicated structure so the problems are common, but they must be attended to quickly as they can be the cause of a number of problems. When chimney repairs are put off they often become exaggerated, the repair becomes larger and more costly and most importantly, a faulty chimney can cause health issues to the residents of the home. The repairs that are often needed are liner replacement, mortar repair and re-pointing and at worst, a complete rebuilding from the ground up.

Most chimneys are built including a flue liner. The flue liner goes from the hearth where the fire is burning, all the way to the top of the chimney. The purpose of the flue liner is to stop any gasses from getting into the interior of the home. If a chimney was built without a flue liner or the liner cracks, this can be a problem. Masonry chimneys have flue liners that are made up of stacked clay tiles, over time creosote will build up on the inner surface of the liner and catch on fire. When this happens the heat from the burning creosote can crack the liner material. To make sure that flue gases, which are very dangerous, do not leak into the house, the liner must be replaced.

The chimneys that perform best are those that are subjected to chimney repair in Worthington OH every year. To keep a chimney working well and looking good it is important that the mortar be kept in good condition, free from cracks. The cracks that appear in the mortar between the exterior bricks is simple to repair, it is just cleaned out and re-pointed with new material. The area that takes particular attention is the fire-box, the area where the fire actually burns as well as the crown of the chimney where it is subjected to weathering.

There are some problems that can appear in a chimney that are so severe that the chimney must be torn down and completely rebuilt, mostly for safety reasons.

Whempy’s Corp offers quality repairs to keep your chimney free from fire potential in Worthington OH.

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