Supply Sheet Metal in Cincinnati can Supply Aluminum Sheets

Aluminum sheet metal is a very versatile product. Aluminum has a high strength characteristic and excellent thermal conductivity. Aluminum unlike other metals takes care of itself since it forms a tough, transparent protective oxide coating when it combines with oxygen.

Aluminum is available in many finishes that other metals cannot provide. It can be plated, painted, and laminated to plastic or wood. It is an ideal sheet metal for laser cutting to make decorative items for the home or the business.

There are different types of aluminum sheet metal as indicated by the following codes:

1100: This aluminum is the most easily welded and creates the decorative pieces since it is great for intricate forming. It has excellent resistance to corrosion.

3003: This is the most widely used of all aluminum sheet metal. It’s strength is increased by 20 percent over the 1100 aluminum by manganese.

5052: THis product has the highest strength of more common alloy sheet metal, and it has excellent finishing characteristics. This product can be anodized bright and clear.

Aluminum sheet metal is also available in many alloys: Alloy 2011: This has the highest machinability.

Alloy 2014: Characteristics are high yield strength, low elongation, and good weldability

Alloy 2017: This has better strength and wear resistance than 2011

Alloy 2024: The “Aircraft Alloy” has the highest tensile and fatigue.

Alloy 6061: Highly versatile medium strength, exceptional corrosion resistance and weld-ability.

The Supply Sheet Metal in Cincinnati can provide all of the sheet metal products that are used in unique manufacturing applications. They can process your metal order through burning, shearing, saw cutting, forming and first tier processing. They have the most modern cutting and deburring equipment available in the industry. They also have the largest inventory of all metal types and shapes. More importantly they can saw cut, laser cut and plasma cut many metals of various forms. Being a Tier One supplier, Supply Sheet Metal in Cincinnati provides quality metals to manufacturing facilities including the aircraft industry.

The variety of metals they carry is more than any other supplier in the area. This means they can provide the metal and finish it to your specifications making it ready for your manufacturing or construction needs.

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