Tubes and Flying? What is the Connection?

When many of us imagine the parts of an airplane, some of the most visible and commonplace come to mind. Structures such as wings, flaps, and landing gear and vertical stabilizers are some of the most common. Those who are more familiar with aerodynamics may even mention hydraulics, avionics and shielding. However, many will be surprised at the importance that tubing will play in the safe flying of an aircraft. Used in everything from structural supports to engine parts, such tubing is all but essential in these modern times. However, no normal tubing will do. Instead, there are specialized alloys such as those found in the highly popular Inconel tube that make all the difference in the world between safety and risk. So, let us take a look at what makes these tubes so special in the aerospace industry.

Composite Materials

The first concept that should be understood is that different types of Inconel tubes are made of differing materials. These are all alloys; that is, a combination of unique metals that serve a special purpose. Such exotic compounds such as niobium, titanium and columbium are but a few of the metals that are present in highly discrete percentages. The advantages that these provide are well worth their rarity.

Strength and Resilience

One of the major benefits of such tubing is derived from its chemical composition. Due to the rigors placed upon the aircraft, these materials need to be highly resistant to corrosion, have little rate of expansion, exhibit high tensile strength and must be impact resistant. Normal metals will simply not accomplish this task, hence the use of structures such as an Inconel tube.

A Variety of Options

In addition to the types of metals used, it should be all but apparent that there is no such thing as one size fits all” in the aerospace industry. Instead, these tubes can be manufactured on a made-to-order bases. Lengths and widths can vary and shapes will include oval, square, round and flat. Therefore, they can accommodate a wide variety of purposes without sacrificing their integrity.

These are some of the most important advantages that such tubing can provide the modern aircraft industry. Still, it should be noted that continual advancements in this sector will likewise require modern solutions and a use of even stronger alloys into the future. Tubes manufactured by Inconel are an excellent example of the synergy of innovation and technology that continue to propel this industry into the stratosphere and beyond.

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